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The following is a bibliographical list of articles written by Dr. William H. Overholt. Scroll down to view the complete list:

2012 - present

2000 - 2011

1990 - 2000

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  • (with Tom Sung) "Will the Hong Kong Dollar Revalue?", November 24, 1992
  • "U.S. Relations with Hong Kong," Testimony to Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs, Foreign Relations Committee, United States Senate, on April 2, 1992, regarding S.1731, a bill to establish policy of the United States with respect to Hong Kong after July 1, 1997
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  • "Hong Kong and China: The Real Issues," BTB 398/2 (28 August 1990)
  • "Hong Kong After Tiananmen Square: A Countercyclical View," BTB398/1 (23 April 1990)
  • "Reasons Why Hong Kong's Market Will Continue Its Recovery," HK Monthly Equities Market Report Feb/March 1990," BTB358/1 (February 15, 1990)
  • "Hong Kong after Tiananmen Square: A Countercyclical View," paper for Asia Society Conference on Hong Kong to '97 and Beyond, New York, May 21, 1990
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  • Chairman, conference on "Economic and Commercial Impact of Hong Kong's Infrastructure Spending Program," sponsored by Hong Kong Economic Times, Hong Kong Convention Centre, 27 February 1990


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