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The following is a bibliographical list of articles written by Dr. William H. Overholt. Scroll down to view the complete list:



  • "Philippines: This Coup is Different," BTB PH 1/1 (December 8, 1989).
  • "Philippines: Post-Coup Philippine Terror," BTB PH 2/1 (December 18, 1989).
  • "Military Security in Aquino's Philippines," speech to Young Presidents Organization Conference on "The Philippines: Turnaround and Success," Manila Hotel, Philippines, 6 November 1988.
  • "Jaime Ongpin: The Indispensable Man," in Alfred A. Yuson and Ricardo B. Ramos, eds., The Public Conscience of Jaime V. Ongpin (Manila: JVO Foundation, 1988)
  • "Prospects for the Philippine Economy," speech to conference on "The Philippines: New Perspectives," American Chamber of Commerce, Shangrila Hotel, Hong Kong, 6 October 1987
  • Risk Assessment and Equity Financing in Developing Asia," lecture for Asian Development Bank Conference on Equity Financing in Asia, Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines, January 6, 1987.
  • "Crisis in the Philippines: Implications for Thailand," paper for Thai-U.S. Bilateral Forum, Uttaradit, Thailand, November 1986.
  • "Cory Aquino's Philippines," PAG 298/1-D (November 7, 1986).
  • "The Rise and Fall of Ferdinand Marcos," Asian Survey XXVI, II (November 1986) by the Regents of the University of California. Published by the University of California Press. [pdf]
  • "Pressures and Policies: Prospects for Cory Aquino's Philippines," in Carl Lande, Ed., Rebuilding a Nation: Philippine Challenges and American Policy (Washington D.C.: Washington Institute Press, 1987), originally presented as a paper for conference on "Crisis in the Philippines," Washington Institute for Public Policy, Washington D.C., 30 April 1986.
  • "The Philippines: Coming to a Boil," PAG 258/l-D (November 19, 1985).
  • "The Philippines Between Stalemate and Revolution," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 214/1-D, September 04, 1984.
  • "Philippines Politics and Economic Management," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 175/1-D, September 16, 1983. [pdf]
  • "Philippines Developments," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 162/1-D, June 20, 1983. [pdf]
  • "Philippine Political Review 1982," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 82/2-D, November 23, 1982. [pdf]
  • "The Political Economy of the Philippines," address to joint meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Asia Society, New York, 12 April 1982.
  • "Philippines - September 18, 1981," PAG 65/1-D (September 18, 1981)
  • "The Philippines: New Political Trends for The 1980s," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 35/1-D, February 23, 1981 [pdf]
  • "The Philippines: New Political Trends for the 1980s." PAG 35/1-D (February 23, 1981)
  • "Trends in Philippine Public Administration," Address to the College of Public Administration, University of the Philippines, Manila, 15 October 1980.
  • "Hypotheses on the Long-Run Filipino Domestic Political Environment," PAG 3/1-D (March 1, 1980).



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