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The following is a bibliographical list of articles written by Dr. William H. Overholt. Scroll down to view the complete list:

2000 - present

1990 - 1999

1980 - 1989

  • "Use Democracy to Stomp Out Drugs," Asian Wall Street Journal, 12 December 1989 (The article is about U.S. foreign policy in Burma.) [pdf]
  • "Burma: Disintegration or Revitalization?" paper for Regional Security Conference of International Institute of Strategic Studies, Chiangmai, Thailand, 6 July 1989.
  • "Thailand: The Myth of the Peace Dividend," BTB 230/1 (August 8, 1989).
  • "No Crash of 1989." BTB 296/1 (October 16, 1989).
  • "Thailand: Politics & Markets," BTB 47/1 (May 3, 1988).
  • "Thailand Economic Comment: Will Thailand Revalue?" BTB 27/1 (February 12, 1988).
  • "Thailand: A Moving Equilibrium," in Ansil Ramsay and Wiwat Mungkandi, eds., Thailand-United States Relations: Political, Strategic, and Economic Factors (Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, 1988). Excerpted in Pacific Review I, 1 (Spring 1988) [pdf]
  • "Thailand's Political Structure and Economic prospects," opening speech for Hong Kong's American Chamber of Commerce conference on Thailand, 2 December 1988.
  • "The Baht Exchange Rate and Implications for Restructuring the Thai Economy," presentation at annual United States-Thailand Economic Conference, Pattaya, Thailand, 24-26 June 1988.
  • "East Asia: Regional Outlook and Overview," speech to Asian Investment Outlook Conference of International Finance Corporation and Economist Conference Unit, Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York, 24 September 1987.
  • "East Asian Regional Outlook," BTB 5/1 (September 30, 1987).
  • "Singapore 1987," BTB 6/1 (October 12, 1987).
  • "Malaysia Polarizing," PAG 296/1-D (November 7, 1986).
  • "Singapore 1986," PAG 297/1-D (November 7, 1986).
  • "Four Indonesias," PAG 295/1-D (November 4, 1986).
  • "Bangladesh: Ershad and Elections," PAG 269/1-D (April 23, 1986).
  • "Sri Lanka: The War Deepens," PAG 268/1-D (April 22, 1986).
  • "Crisis in the Philippines: Implications for Thailand," paper for Thai-U.S. Bilateral Forum, Uttaradit, Thailand, November 1986.
  • "Singapore" PAG 248/1-D (October 22, 1985).
  • "Indonesia 1985" PAG 224/1-D (February 6, 1985). [pdf]
  • "Sri Lanka 1985" PAG 225/1-D (February 6, 1985).
  • "Country Risk Update Indonesia," International Economics Group, February 6, 1985. [pdf]
  • "India Under Rajiv" PAG 223/1-D (February 1, 1985).
  • "Indonesia Heading Into the Crunch" PAG 245/1-D (October 22, 1985).
  • "The Emergence of Mahathir's Islamic Malaysia" PAG 246/1-D (October 22, 1985).
  • "The Politics of Thailand's Economic Management" PAG 247/1-D (October 22, 1985).
  • "An Overview of Recent Developments in Southeast Asia," PAG 255/1-D (December 4, 1985).
  • "Indonesia 1984" PAG 209/1-D (June 20, 1984). [pdf]
  • "Thailand Update" PAG 211/1-D (June 23, 1984). [pdf]
  • "Malaysia in Recession," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 183/1-D, January 11, 1984. [pdf]
  • "Indonesia Adjusting," PAG 174/1-D (September 9, 1983).
  • "Indonesia: The Next Phase," Bankers Trust, BTPAG 53/1-D, June 16, 1981. [pdf]
  • "Political Risk in Thailand," PAG 26/1-D (November 1980). [pdf]


  • "Potential Implications of Nuclear Proliferation in Eastern Asia for U.S. Interests," paper for Fourth Annual Conference on Nuclear Proliferation, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University, Held at Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea, January 1979, subsequently published in book form and also reprinted in Korea Times, Hankuk Ilbo, Korea News review and others.
  • Editor and principal co-author, Asia's Nuclear Future, Westview Press, Boulder Colorado, 1977.
  • "Nuclear Proliferation in Eastern Asia," Pacific Community (October 1976), HI-2306-D. Earlier version presented as paper for annual meeting of Association for Asian Studies, Toronto, March 1976.
  • "Peasant Organization in Southeast Asia," SEADAG REPORT, executive summary of Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group conference, Asia House, New York, September 1975. [pdf]
  • "Under What Social Conditions Can Peasants and Other Social Groups Organize?," paper for Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group conference on Peasant Organization in Southeast Asia, New York, September 1975.
  • "Revolution," HI-2179/2-D, paper for Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group Rural Development Panel meeting on "Peasants, Land Reform and Revolutionary Movements," Savannah (June 1975)
  • Coordinator and largest contributor, The World in 1975-1985, HI-1898-RR (January 1974), Volume II of Hudson's Corporate Environment Study.
  • (With others), "Nuclear Proliferation After India," HI-2141/2-BN (November 1974). (Limited Distribution).


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